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soft pink truth / do you like to party? / soundslike

After two critically acclaimed 12"s, Drew Daniel of Matmos finally releases his long awaited full-length under the Soft Pink Truth moniker."Do You Party?" is a far departure from Drew's work with Matmos. Where Matmos is experimental cut-up electronics, the Soft Pink Truth is funky and filled with samples galore -- the vocals are cut up, spliced and distorted with elements of house, disco and electro dispersed throughout. The Soft Pink Truth has much more in common with the likes of Akufen, the Avalanches, and Herbert (hence, the album being released on Herbert's Soundslike label). Drew also takes influence from contemporary R&B producers like Timbaland and the Neptunes, as homaged on the track "Soft Pink Missy" which is probably not just influenced by Missy Elliott and Timbaland but probably contains samples from them too. "Do You Party?" is a true genre breaking album, one that is both for fans of dance and experimental music, but all in all this debut is funky, funky, funky! Truly groundbreaking stuff!

speicher / kompakt

Just when you thought Michael Mayer was only about chin-stroking, pipe-smoking intellectual techno, he comes out with a mix of floor rockers, mainly featuring tracks from the recent "Speicher" series on Kompakt. Things get stomping right off the bat with the genre-shifting Superpitcher mixed into T.Raumschmiere's "Musick". (Which has to be the closest Kompakt will ever get to Marilyn Manson.) The club lights are blasting full power by track three (Wassermann's "Ende der Schoenzeit") mixed into M.Mayer's own "Love is Stronger Than Pride", which utilizes lyrics from Sade's song of the same name, and is one of my favorite tracks of 2002. Tracks six through nine are the make-or-break section of this mix... You have to brace yourself. I was turned off at first, but ever since my third listen, this section is
becoming my favorite part. Superpitcher appears again, bringing the energy up, but it's Reinhard Voigt's "How We Rock" that brings that mother home. His grooves are just unstoppable, and will inspire the most jaded intellectual to pump his fist like a weekend warrior. Things break down by track nine and take off into dreamland with Markus Guentner's "Regensburg" (rmx). Epic Gas. The bell sounds will make you close your eyes and smile. Finally, a groove reminiscent of Voigt/Voigt's "Roxy" comes in, all sexy-like with Voigt/Voigt's "Vision 03". The surprise comes at the end when a burst of soundtrack strings lead into what seems like a farewell conversation between a man and a woman in a '50s German film noir. We are left to wonder whether it's a farewell, or a happily-ever-after as it ends with the sound of a door closing.

pole/ 45/45 / ~scape

Stefan Betke's "Pole" (a name made synonymous with deconstructed, submerged glitch dub) comes to the surface with a newly discovered sense of melody, arrangement and a bit of uncharacteristic jigginess. There's been a slight shift toward the "jiggietronic" feel of modern pop soul, even amongst the ultra-serious avatars of modern electronic music. While Pole "2" was popularly referred to as "too reggae", and not "deep" enough, "45/45" takes new themes and explores them so effectively that the listener is likely to become charmed beyond remembering the artist they're listening to. Change is good. Track four, "Back Home" is a slinky groove featuring sampled trap drums, a looping upright bass melody and a warm chord surge that qualifies it as the unofficial union of Farben and Tortoise. Believe it. "Round Two", one of the two "jiggy" jams, manages to have that stunted funk without being typically German/Teutonic. A simple break, micro melodica notes, a looping synth stab that comes in at the right time, and a tinkling water glass... In "The Bell" all the elements are masterfully coaxed in little by little, steadily, and constantly ping-ponging off of each other. A flawless EP, I haven't heard this much variety and strength in a long time. Recommended.

opiate / sometimes / morr

I hadn't heard Opiate before, so after seeing the album cover (a nighttime city horizon obscured by a lambent yellow-green glow) I was half-expecting to be sunken into the review-chair wrapped in a thick haze while listening. Quite the contrary... "Sometimes" is by no means sluggish or drugged-out like I thought it would be. Nor is it even close to boring. There are many layers that reveal themselves each time you'll play this. Each of the six songs has good ideas, and Opiate builds upon them nicely. He creates a warm electronic environment with exquisitely crafted moods and atmospheres. The use of "real" instruments like piano or the sample of a violin augment these tracks just the right amount, like a touch of the perfect spice. The glitchery is not overused or superfluous in any way, and the "niiiice", catchy beats are well programmed and well executed. There's an occasional squiggle of digital debris that escapes into the ether somewhere, in the guise of a displaced voice (see "Perdot"), or the swirling wisp of a microscopic jet stream (see "opiTTT"). The pleasant, tingling, soft crackle and wistful melody of "Snow Story" is as inviting as a mug of hot cocoa in front of a fireplace, and "Stp!" is a sensuously funky cut! Ah, this little album just gets better each time I listen to it. There are a couple of moments where Opiate reminds me of his fellow countryman Goodiepal (both are gifted with the seemingly effortless knack for an irresistible melody), but this does not surprise me, it only convinces me that "something different is in the water" over there in Denmark. My only complaint about "Sometimes" is that it's only 23 minutes, and by the end I'm left wanting more... well, I guess it's a good thing, right? Short but sweet. Looking forward to the long player.


stewart walker & geoff white / discord / force inc

Stewart Walker and Geoff White are two of North America's best-known and most talented techno producers, each with a unique and distinctive sound of their own. They have joined forces for Force-Inc. to release "Discord", an album that seemingly consists of two separate projects yet when played together, or in alternating sequence as it is, combine for one hella-fied dancefloor mix. Imagine a tag-team session where each artist brings six of their newest tracks and tries to kill the other with their hottest shit, almost like a techno soundclash. "Discord" showcases the duo's impeccable knack for creating sexy, melodic house, bubbly crunchy minimal-tech and everything in-between. A true collaborative effort, every bit as good as the Theorem THX series (of which Walker was a participant), and sure to end up on my top ten for the year.


movie reviews.
1. The Celebration.

directed by Danish director Thomas Vinterberg and is developed under the rules of dogma 95. The Celebration is about a family reunion that is brought together to celebrate the father's 60th birthday. The tensions and rawness of the characters explodes on film and the editing is out of this world. The actors continue to act despite the fact that the camera is not always on them. This to me is real acting. This flic won many awards and is defiantly one of my top 10 movies of all time.

2. Julien Donkey Boy

directed by Lower east-side new yorker Harmony Korine. Harmony is one of my favorite directors for displaying the disturbing portrayals of humanity. He is also know for the movie Gummo. Highly recommended. I also saw this in new york at this little artsy theatre where I could feel the vibration of the subway below me...this atmosphere and quality of flic left for a lasting memory.

more recent movies.........

3. The Hours

In Adaptation and now The Hours I rediscovered Meryl Streep....who I believe should have got more acknowledgement for both of her amazing performances. The Hours touches on so many levels of humanity and doesn't under-estimate the intelligence of the audience.

4. About Schmit

David LaChappelle is a pop kitsch contemporary photographer who usually exploits the surreal aspects and environments of U.S. culture....I believe About Schmit does the same thing by placing a retired senior to rediscover family life in the bleak surreal environment of hickville USA.

MUTEK / Music, Sound and New Technologies - 4th Edition
Montreal, May 28 - June 1, 2003


Featuring over 70 artists from 15 countries, the festival returns with its most explosive program ever! For this fourth edition, MUTEK presents twelve unique programs of concerts and performances over five action-packed days and delirious nights. The diverse and daring programming delivers an expansive overview on electronic music in all its myriad forms - from aesthetically challenging to celebratory. Presented in three locations, MUTEK gathers proven artists as well as new discoveries for a program punctuated by rediscoveries and rarities that offer a perspective on the past and a glimpse into the future.

Highlights of the invigorating and challenging program are many:
        - Renowned explorer of sonic textures THOMAS KOENER returns to Montréal accompanied by his mentor ASMUS TIETCHENS.
        - SEÑOR COCONUT sees the return of ATOM HEART, this time with a full orchestra! This is Señor Coconut's first North American performance, and the final chance to experience their electro-latin interpretations of Kraftwerk classics that will be retired after this performance.
     - A rare performance by Britain's COIL, the eminent cult group from the '80s industrial tradition who continue to experiment and innovate within the contemporary currents of electronic music.
- Influential and acclaimed artists POLE, RICHIE HAWTIN, MONOLAKE et T. RAUMSCHMIERE return with new material.
        - MEGO, the impressive Austrian label, offers a revealing glimpse of new directions as represented by some of the hottest artists in the field of experimental electronic music - HECKER, KEVIN DRUMM and TUJIKO NURIKO have all received nominations for Prix Ars Electronica recently.
        - Experimental approaches to the turntable as instrument, from the experimental hip hop of SIXTOO to the abstract deconstructions of MARTIN TETREAULT.
        - The festival culminates in traditional celebratory and innovative style with a new genre of improvised concert by laptop super-group NAROD NIKI - a collective that gathers numerous important figures from the international micro house scene.
      - And a wealth of surprises that will make connoisseurs drool, delight fans and titillate the curious.

To complement the performances, the MUTEK_INTERSECTION segment of the program offers a series of panels and workshops dealing with subjects and concerns particular to electronic music and of interest to all professionals in the field (complete details will be revealed on the MUTEK web site early May).

Over the years, MUTEK has established itself as an important event on the international scene and attracts more than 25% of its audience from outside of Montréal. We invite you to join us for this exploration of new territories found at the intersection of electronic music, sonic creation and digital culture.



EX-CENTRIS 1 / 8:30PM @ EX-CENTRIS / 15$ + tx

Plumbing the depths of experimentation, this program offers a profoundly serene and meditative journey through the power of sound and ambience as guided by two revered masters of sonic research.

CLINKER (Edmonton, CA)
(Thomas Koener & Asmus Tietchens)

*Presented in collaboration with PARACHUTE 

NOCTURNE 1 / 10:30PM @ MAIN / 20$ + tx

A dive into sonic textures, electronic dub and organic soundscapes for a sublime evening of sophisticated and compelling de/reconstructed rhythms and melodies.

POLE (Germany)
DEADBEAT (Montreal, CA)

*Presented in collaboration with CONVERGENCE 


A meeting of multiplied intensities with artists who propose a dense and complex mix of musique concrete and accumulated 'noise' to create urban compositions that touch digital and actuelle genres.

- NO TYPE label showcase -
COIN GUTTER (Vancouver, CA)


EX-CENTRIS 2 / 8:30PM @ EX-CENTRIS / 15$ + tx

This program features rare and unique collaborations by artists who meet and work at the intersection and the integration of the digital audiovisual.

RECONNAISSANCE (Oren Ambarchi & Martin Ng - Autralia, Tina Frank - Austria)

TIM HECKER (Montreal, CA) vs 242 PILOTS (US, Poland, Norway)

*Presented in collaboration with e|i magazine

NOCTURNE 2 / 10:30PM @ METROPOLIS / 25$ + tx

This is an unforgettable night that journeys into the dark visceral heart of the avant-garde for an intense and unpredictable electronic cabaret featuring the mythical Coil in their first North American performance. 


*Presented in collaboration with VICE


A unique opportunity to discover the next wave of talent emerging out of Montreal, with aesthetic approaches that range from experimental hip hop to digital experimentation and sonic manipulations.

MONTAG (Montreal, CA)
OTOTO (Montreal, CA)
[SIC] (Montreal, CA)
SIXTOO - Diesel Powered Systems (Montreal, CA)



The much anticipated return of Richie Hawtin and his label to the roots of minimalism. Supplemented by a selection of strong new talents, this night combines the pleasures of dance with exploratory researches for a key moment of this year's festival.


- MINUS / PLUS 8 label showcase -

MIAU ANALYSIS - visualisations

*Presented by VIA RAIL CANADA, in collaboration with FLYER and CODA

EXPERIENCE 1 / 3PM @ MAIN / 15$ + tx

Four masters of turntable deconstruction do brilliantly inspired and sonically surprising things with record players in homage to turntable pioneer Raymond Gervais.

MARTIN NG (Australia)
THE MOLE (Montreal, CA)



This evening unites an explosive and extravagant cocktail of artists who like to wander off the beaten track. At the center of this exuberant night are Atom Heart and his 8 piece orchestra in their first North American appearance - Señor Coconut's final performance of his playful Latin explorations of Kraftwerk. MUTEK unplugs?

SENOR COCONUT AND HIS ORCHESTRA (Chile, Venezuela Germany, Denmark)
LUCIEN N LUCIANO (Switzerland - Chile)

*Presented in collaboration with ICI MONTREAL and MONTREAL MIRROR

EXPERIENCE 2 / 3PM @ MAIN / 20$ + tx

This program that allies sonic experimentation and a taste for risk finally brings to Montreal the Viennese label MEGO, renowned for spoiling avid enthusiasts of exploration. Digital disintegration, genre confusion and sonic surprises guaranteed!


- MEGO label showcase -
PITA (Austria)
HECKER (Germany)


*Presented in collaboration with GROOVES and CKUT

FINALE / 9PM @ MAIN / 25$ + tx

True to tradition, MUTEK finishes forcefully. The night begins on a high note rich in texture and ambience before culminating in a massive throwdown by the secretive laptop "super group" Narod Niki who are set to incite a collective delirium. Truly a party for the people!

MONOLAKE (Germany)
MAMBOTUR (Chile, Venezuela )
NAROD NIKI - SPECIAL PROJECT (Germany, Chile, Switzerland, Canada, US, France)

*Presented in collaboration with XLR8R, TECHNIKART and ABLETON



Tickets are available online since April 15: WWW.MUTEK.CA

Ticket sales will start May 1st in the following locations:

        HUB : 4040 St-Laurent Blvd., 514-845-8884
       CD ESOTERIK  1841C St. Catherine W  514-937-5192
        ATOM HEART  364B Sherbrooke St. E  514-843-8484

Tickets for Metropolis (May 29, 30 & 31) are also available through ADMISSION starting May 1st: WWW.ADMISSION.COM    1-514-528-2828



The MUTEK team has put together the following special packages, giving you a chance to enjoy MUTEK to the fullest:
   - MUTEK_PASSPORT* (all concerts): $150 (+txs)
   - WEEKEND PASS * (May 30, 31 & June 1): $80 (+txs)

*HURRY! Limited quantities available in limited quantities



FOR VISITORS from out of town, MUTEK has partnered with the Downtown Quality Hotel, conveniently located within walking distance of all festival venues.

RESERVE BEFORE MAY 1ST to get the special MUTEK rate.  All details on this special offer can be found on WWW.MUTEK.CA

Don't wait - places are limited!



The fourth edition of MUTEK is being made possible thanks to the help of a number of valuable partners, collaborators and sponsors.

MUTEK wishes to thank:


GOVERNMENT PARTNERS : Canada Council for the Arts * Ministère des Affaires municipales et de la Métropole * Emploi Québec * Conseil des Arts de Montréal * Department of Canadian Heritage * Musicaction * Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade * Tourisme Québec * Ville de Montréal * British Council * Goethe Institut Inter Nationes * Austrian Cultural Forum * Pro Helvetia

MEDIA PARTNERS : Ici Montréal / Montréal Mirror * XLR8R * Technikart * Flyer * Vice * CBC (Brave New Waves) * SRC (Navire Night) * Bande à part * Convergence * Coda * e|i * Grooves Magazine *  CKUT * Parachute

TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS : Applied Accoustics * Ableton * M-Audio


SPONSORS : Downtown Quality Hotel * AgenceCode *  McAuslan Brewery * Guru * LL Lozeau * MIDEM * Mr Edgar * La Boîte de Comm

MUTEK - 3530, St-Laurent Blvd, Montreal, suite 406, Qc, Canada, H2X 2V1 -